Sunday, 12 July 2009

Marauders finished

I finished painting the marauders today. The technique is very simple, starting with a white primer. The base colours are applied quite thinned down, to give a slight highlight on the raised areas. Then a glaze/wash is applied to add a little shading. A few small areas are picked out for a little extra detail. It's quick and effective and means I can get the unit painted to a good standard with a minimum of fuss.

I am really fired up about the chaos troops at the moment. Next up is the chaos spawn and some chaos hounds. That will be three items, two units and a "special" reward model (a reward for painting the rank and file). I was going to switch to another army, to paint three items from that, then another of my armies, to paint three from that one - thus painting three armies three units at a time. But I may well stick to the chaos troops for a while longer. Marauder horse and Khorne warriors are already assembled, plus I could then reward myself with a real big prize - the Khorne lord on juggernaut.

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