Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Messed Up

Bah, I spent a couple of hours today painting the Nurgle spawn, but messed it up. So it will have to be re-primed and re-painted. I think the problem was I only had a vague idea of colours before I started, then kept tinkering until it looked like a vomited rainbow.

Not to worry, sometimes these things happen. I have executed my tried and tested plan B - look through some Clint Langley artwork for inspiration. The man is a genius. And I did find the perfect picture to inspire me.

I have also been thinking about Space Wolves recently. Space Marines are the biggest thing in the Games Workshop universe, by a long chalk, but I have always struggled to see the appeal. Lots of little robots in Early Learning Centre colours, doesn't really do it for me. So I have had this vague idea to design my own chapter for a while. But the whispers about the Space Wolves I am liking the sound of, maybe I will go that way instead. It will give me a project to keep me busy in winter.

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