Wednesday, 17 September 2008

One month old

The ork army is about a month old today. And it's just like a newborn - very demanding, sometimes tiring, sometimes even keeps me awake at night! But always a joy when I look at it. Sniff.

Here's three of the first ten shoota boyz, I will probably save the rest to be photographed en masse when the whole mob of twenty is painted. The trophy rack on the left is a little joke for my regular Tau opponent. You can just about see the German military colours on the trousers and vest, which I thought was a bit cool (colour wise) even with the green skin, so I wanted to warm up the look and plumped for a grimey yellow. I think it works really well. But it's causing me a headache - should I stick with a Bad Moons look for the whole army, or should I go with the mixed tribes look, such as Goff bikers, Evil Sunz trukks, etc.?

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