Friday, 12 September 2008

First game with the orks

Played my first game of 40k last night (well, I'm discounting a 40 minute demo game in the local shop). As we are both novices to the game, we decided to keep the forces infantry-based, so we could get to grips with the basics. It was certainly different to fantasy, more fluid and decisive I thought. We did have to leaf through certain sections, but it seemed reasonably straight-forward and intuitive. Shooting (by Tau at least) can be devastating, wiping out swathes of troops in one phase. I quickly learned to advance under cover if at all possible. Similarly, combats rarely last more than one turn, at least that's what happened when the boyz got stuck in. They are brutal! Next game, we will include more troop types, so I will be fielding the koptas and possibly a truk.


tinctureadept said...

Cool! Sounds like a good way to learn the game.

Who won?

Hobby Horse said...

It was probably a draw. We were more concerned with game mechanics than results. It was an exercise in learning how the main phases of the game work. In the next game, the introduction of some vehicles will add more tactical options and more rules to learn. I reckon after that, from game 3 onwards, we might start keeping score.

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