Saturday 13 September 2008

More orky musing

It's surprising how much I learned just from that first game the other night. Being a long time fantasy player I suppose helps, in that I can learn the rules fast (they are not that different) and pick up on tactical implications. So I have a better idea of how to develop the ork army. The core of the force will be the orc warboss and mob of 20 slugga boyz from Black Reach, plus the 20 shoota boyz I have already started to paint. Against my regular opponent's Tau force these poor guys are extremely vulnerable to shooting and woefully slow, so I definitely need some speed and some covering fire. Fortunately, I happen have to a box of lootas/burnas and a truk, so they will be called into action at some stage. And I also have the deffkoptas, so I will be trying those too (after missing several times with my rokkit launchers in the game, I am tempted to convert the koptas to carry big shootas, or a couple of them at any rate). Another idea is to incorporate a big mek with kustom force field, to advance with the 2 big mobs and give them some cover even out in the open.

Of course, I am also itching to get some conversion and painting work done, so I have an idea to convert a Chimera into a looted trukk. It's an old model I picked up on ebay to practise painting, but now it can be put to even better use. I like the idea of it being armed with a skorcha and carrying the burna boyz to the frontline. That will make the Tau fire warriors wish they had never picked that name! So many ideas, so little time.

The army, then, is shaping up in my mind like this:-

Warboss (from Black Reach, cool model)
Big Mek (conversion?)
20 slugga boyz, nob with boss pole
20 shoota boyz, nob with boss pole
12 ard boyz in truk (exact equipment to be decided after a few test games)
12 burna boyz (love these models and they were one of the main reasons I started the army)
10 lootas (I need long range support and will have the bits from the burnas left over)
5 or 10 nobz (these I am least sure about how to use, maybe in a transport, a painboy would be useful and is a cool model)
looted Chimera
3-5 deffkoptas
10 ish Tankbustas (already have the metal models, these are longer term)
Orky terrain (need that cover)

I have most of the bits already for this lot, so I just have to get down to making and painting them. If I can hold off the lure of chaos warriors, I should have it all done by Christmas. I am also dropping hints about Santa bringing me some biker boyz.

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