Monday, 15 September 2008

Looted wagon and shootas

I started work on building a looted wagon over the weekend. Apologies for the pic, but hopefully you can see that it's a chimera chassis (on which I had practised and tested some painting). Most of the Imperial Guard bits have been removed or disguised and the orky improvements have been started. The transport carrier is just one option for the vehicle so I am making this as a separate component which will be held in place by magnets. In future, I will build a boom gun turret to use in the odd game.

The shoota boyz have had a bit of attention too, I have ten of them just about finished. I will post how they were painted in a few days, when I am reasonably confident they are really finished. This mob are probably affiliated to the Bad Moon tribe in some way, though I am not using the yellow throughout the army, just on this squad I think. There's still a bit of weathering to do here, which will dull the yellow down a little. I am still getting to grips with the MIG pigments, so each session is an experiment in what can (or cannot) be done with them.

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