Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Shootas assembled

The squad of shootas is now fully assembled. I have added the bases - a few bits from the urban basing kit and sand, nothing too elaborate as the orks are big boyz and cover most of the base anyway. I have also sealed the bases with a mix of pva, water, black paint and a tiny spot of washing up liquid (I have a jar of this mixed up for all my basing work). I don't usually apply this until after I have painted the model, but it makes sense to do it first as it's a messy stage.

Most of these are assembled from the sprue with little modification, though I did try to get the boys to be more upright, shooting with a purpose, rather than hunched over. Some of them have a foot up on a rock to achieve this. The most elaborate conversion is the rokkit launcher, or rather his launcher arm, made from a pistol, a chopped-up fantasy axe, metal stikk bomb and various other plastic gubbinz.

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