Friday, 8 August 2008

Black Reach

Tom and I wandered into my local GW shop yesterday, to have a look at the Assault on Black Reach boxset. The guy behind the counter was really enthusiastic about it and got the figures out of the cabinet to show us. The models are very impressive, very detailed and very easy to assemble - most are one-piece or just a couple of snap together operations. The orks in particular caught my eye, the koptas and warboss look really good, I could feel my painting senses tingling.

After impressing us, he then talked us through a demo game of marines vs tyranids. It was fast and furious and good fun. I was almost tempted to order a set then and there, but with a month to go before release I decided to order online and save a bit of cash.

After seeing the contents of the boxset and seeing the models up close, I am most excited about the orks. Even though I already have fantasy orcs and had previously discounted them, I have decided they have far more character and painting potential than the tyranids. So I will start my 40k career with orks and marines. I have painted plenty of greenskins in the past and know a few short cuts that should help me get them on the table fairly quickly. The marines will be a whole new ball game for me, but I am itching to try out some new techniques on them and have a few ideas floating around my head.

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