Saturday, 16 August 2008

The future's bright, the future's green

I have started building my first ork mob. Using the ork boyz sprues and some old stikk bombers I picked up on ebay, a squad of 20 shootas is slowly taking shape. I decided on shootas as the upcoming Black Reach mob is armed with sluggas and choppas, so it seemed sensible to take advantage of the shootas on the sprues (not that I have a clue about what performs well or otherwise, I just like variety in my armies). I spent about an hour today putting together a rokkit launcher boy, converted from various bits, including some odd parts from the orc fantasy sprue. There's also a big shoota in the mob, a very easy conversion achieved by adding an extra barrel to the gun. Just four more boyz to put together (and 20 bases), then I get painting.

The main problem is deciding on a decent skin colour. I don't like the very dark green in the codex, nor do I like very bright green. It has to be something that is quick and easy but also quite realistic (if green skin can ever be realistic)!

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