Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Let's Paint Some Ork - part 3

A nice easy stage this, washing the whole mob in a brown murky colour. You could use Citadel washes, though I find my own version adheres better. It's a mix of black and chestnut wash (Coat d'arms of course), plus some Tamiya clear orange, plus glaze and matt medium. Mix the whole lot to the consistency of an ink (or the Citadel wash is a good guide to thickness). Then slap it on all over. Try to avoid putting on too much, or you might get pooling in some areas, but otherwise it's a fairly slap-dash phase.

I suppose this is similar to dipping the figures, a bit more controlled but the same principle. These boyz could easily be based, matte varnished and charge on to the battlefield. But I like to go back and highlight some of the main areas, plus add more weathering, little details, etc.

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