Friday, 29 March 2019

Battle Mat day 2

After yesterday's adventure with spray cans, today is the day to play with pva glue and flocks. I used watered down pva glue with a little screen wash (I read that this helps to break surface tension and makes adhesion easier). A little thing I discovered is to paint this on to the mat in circular motions rather than straight lines, for a more natural clumping look. I used a one inch decorating paint brush for this stage, I could have saved time with a larger brush.

Flocking time

I used a selection of flocks that I had in my terrain box. A medium green for the majority of the covering, with a yellow green for a few sparse highlights. I also had some very dark (soil) flock which I mixed with the medium green for a dark green shade. I tried to make distinct clumps of green with a few darker areas in between.


After the flock was added I sprinkled on some clump foliage, to represent scrub, weed bushes, etc. It's tempting to go to town here and really start blending it all in, but this is just a quick game board so it was on to the next step. Some very diluted pva and screen wash was sprayed over the whole mat, I tried to give it a really good soaking. Then I lifted the whole thing and dragged it down in to a sunny corner in the garden to dry off. The fact that most of the flock and foliage did not tip off at this stage I took to be a good sign.

Sunny corner

I guess I spent about two hours in total, spraying paint, applying pva and flocks, then soaking the whole thing. Hopefully, when it's fully dry it will stick to the mat and not shed flock in the house. Time will tell!


Matt Crump said...

Looking good I have looked at the mats a few times, interested to see if the flock sticks when you roll up ?

Chris said...

Will the mat be portable, or is it meant to stay at home?

Nord said...

Rolled it up, there was a little flock shedding, but not too much. I have secured it with an old belt. It's now a tube, 1m long and about 3kg in weight. It's basically a heavy yoga mat, probably not comfortable over long distance unless you drive.

Clipping Path said...

Great post. Thanks so much for sharing!

Macmod said...

Got one this week! I’m taking a lot of inspiration from this 😊

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