Sunday, 10 July 2016

Dragon Rampant : Rohan vs Isengard

It's been a while since I rolled any dice, but over the weekend I managed to squeeze in two games using the Dragon Rampant rules. I can just about field 4 units plus a leader with my Rohan collection, easily matched by my more numerous orcs collection. This meant around 35 to 45 figures per side, in five units each, which gives a reasonable skirmish size force. In points terms this came to around 25 to 28 points, we were fairly casual when adding up the totals.

I used a few of my dark ages buildings to represent the outskirts of a Rohan settlement, and just a few fields and hedging to complete the setup. Playing on a 5x3 board does have it's limitations, but it panned out pretty well. In both games the Rohan forces were riding to the rescue of the villagers or trying to prevent the orcs escaping. Dragon Rampant is a good fit in this setting - there is a little sameness in the profiles, but if you don't mind warg riders performing in the same way as Rohan horsemen then it's a satisfactory system for a relaxed gaming session. A nice way to spend an afternoon, even if my opponent did complain about the lack of biscuits!

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Matt Crump said...

Looking good 😀

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