Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Speed Painting Dark Ages figures

As I mentioned at the start of this project, I was keen to blitz through these Danes as quickly as possible. These are speed painted, but I still aim to achieve a nice finish. Cleaning, assembling and basing the figures took about two hours. After that, each of these stages represents about one hour of work. Pictures speak volumes, so .......

Stage 1: Prime white, wash khaki, drybrush white

Stage 2: Glaze garments in pastel natural dyes

Stage 3 : Glaze tunics and other clothing in greens and reds
Wash shield backs and base coat some leathers

Stage 4 : Basecoat remaining leathers, skin and metals

Stage 5 : Wash leathers, glaze tunics and add ground colour

Stage 6 : Wash flesh and metals, glue on shields

Stage 7 : Base and wash beards and hair
Cool shade the garments, base shield rims

I probably should have fixed the shields on at the end of stage 7 to allow easier access to the hair and beards in stage 6, but you know how impatient you get! Obviously the shields are not yet completed and they make up a big part of the impact of the unit. I am going to try a few transfers on some of them, along with some easy hand painted designs - that probably merits a new article. Photos of the completed unit coming soon.

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AKI said...

This looks like a really good method for the Dark-age look; I need to try this!

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