Monday, 8 February 2016


York Racecourse - not yesterday
I visited my first (and possibly only) wargames show of the year yesterday - Vapnartak in York. It's held in the race course main stand, a well lit modern building with glass walls (to view racing horses of course). The sun shone, it was such a pleasant change from the usual glum weather in my part of the world.

I took a few items to sell on the tabletop sale area. These were mostly leftovers from old projects and a few commission projects. I bagged them up and sold them at £3 per bag, two for £5. They don't sell on ebay because postage costs kill any bargain price. After my 45 minute slot I had about £35 to spend around the show.

I picked up a couple of bargains on the tabletop sale myself, and a few small terrain items, again that are made relatively expensive to buy online because of postage. The barn was a particularly good buy, it was half price and there was an extra sprue of barrels in the box - something I found out back home, possibly would not have needed all the extra barrels had I known this. The multitude of barrels, crates and the barn will hopefully be useable as a light industrial area for gaming. The gravestones will be handy when I paint my Garden of Morr. 

Deducting the cost of my purchases, entrance ticket, petrol costs and refreshments, I still managed to end the day with £5 more than I started. I saw some sunshine for the first time in weeks, had a few laughs on the journey and thoroughly enjoyed the day. 

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