Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Some quick terrain for 40K

After last week's game of one-page-40K I was very keen to get some more terrain ready for battle. I wanted something really quick, that I could bash together in one or two sessions. Luckily, I had just the thing stashed away, in the shape of some plastic craters and a wrecked ship - the latter came from the Battle for Macragge starter set, it's been sat in a cupboard for a long time.

I was aiming for speed, so I used an Army Painter primer, English Uniform, a sandy brown. The terrain will be used on my desert "board", so this was a good base. Then I used cheap craft paint to drybrush a little texture. I washed with ochre and brown to pick out the detail, then stippled and washed with Woodland Scenics Earth Basecoat. A quick blast with the hairdryer, then more drybrushing, more shading and washing, before a final wash with burnt umbre gouache paint. After about an hour, the craters were done - a good result.

The crashed ship will take a little more effort. The earth bits will get a cut down version of the above methodology, while the ship will be painted silver and then given the hairspray treatment, so that will be done over a number of days to allow the coats to dry properly in between. When completed, these bits of terrain will almost triple my collection, so hopefully the next battle will be far more interesting and tactical. These will count as low hills, difficult terrain, helping to fill the gaps on the battle field. If I can make or source half a dozen rocky outcrops, I think I will be all set for a decent board.

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