Friday, 26 February 2016

Another game of one-page-40k

After battling through the desert wastes (see previous report), the orks have reached the outskirts of a bombed settlement. Chaos cultists have dug into the ruins, but even worse a huge defiler is roaming the craters for prey. The orks will have to remove these defenders if they are to continue their advance.

As the defender the cultists grabbed the centre of the table and the ruins, the orks then had to deploy at least 12 inches away from their enemy. The objective was to wipe out 75% of the enemy, within just 4 turns. A tall order, especially as I deployed the orcs at the far end of the table with no transport! I think I was trying to make the most of the cover, but it meant I had to travel down the length of the board, with the defiler sat right in the middle.

As in the last game, the orks struggled to make a dent in their well armoured foe, the weaker cultists wisely staying in the cover of the ruins, out of range of the slow moving mobs. The kans managed to get halfway up the board but were immobilised. The boys tried to make a run for it past the defiler, but predictably they were easy meat out in the open. Eventually a lone orc made a suicide charge into the defiler and amazingly he, er, committed suicide. After shooting everything in my army at the beast for much of the game, it had took not one wound. The orks definitely struggle against armour - and they probably need more mobility. Still, it was good to game in the new improved terrain.

The crazed cultists proved to be very sensible really, they kept their heads down in the ruins and suffered just one casualty the whole game, though probably a disapproving tut from Khorne. Poor deployment and lack of mobility from the orks made it too easy for the chaos forces.

I think perhaps a trukk would be a good idea to give the boyz some options. Maybe the addition of some nobs to give them a little more combat prowess. Or perhaps a squad of koptas would be the best bet. Something needs to change, before this becomes the World's Worst Waaaaaaaargh.

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