Thursday, 4 June 2015


Osprey Books are releasing a fantasy book called Orc Warfare. Yes, that Osprey Books, makers of millions of military books! Recently, they have branched out into mythology, steampunk and wargames rules, but this appears to be a new direction. It seems to be a background book on a fantasy race but written in the style of one of their factual military issues. Take a look at the preview.

I am intrigued by this development. One of the big attractions for me to WHFB was the background material - the art in particular, but also the early days of the fluff, though sadly this was often just regurgitated in later material. A completely new and original set of art and scribblings will be well worth a look. It's due for release at the end of the month. On the Osprey blog it also mentions the development of similar style books on Dwarfs and Elves, later in the year. Now it could be a coincidence, but isn't that when Dragon Rampant is released? Interesting times for any fantasy player.

Another upcoming project to watch is Atlantis Miniatures kickstarter. This is a new company based in the UK, with some excellent looking renders on their facebook page. There's always room in my collection for good quality sculpts and these seem to be shaping up very nicely indeed. I am patiently waiting for July 1st, just to see where the bear fits in!

And yet more orcs that have cropped up on my radar are by another new company, MOM miniatures based in Spain. These are actually in production and available in their webstore. There's a growing range of fantasy troops, not just orcs but also dwarfs, elves, humans. I cannot find any detailed reviews around, probably because they are such a new company, but the photos look promising. The prices too are cheap, slightly offset by the postage. Well worth a look at the whole range, I particularly liked their dwarfs too. Here's a small taster image, best to visit the website for a better look. Another set of minis to add to my wishlist!


Killshot Productions said...

The Osprey book is definitely on my radar too! Hopefully the Atlantis miniatures look like the renders, those trolls are a great looking.

David Stafford said...

Very intrigued by the Osprey book, I'll have to keep an eye out for that.

Little Odo said...

The Osprey book looks interesting - and the addition of elves and dwarfs. Happy days!

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