Sunday, 7 June 2015

Rohan reinforcements

Eight Rohan infantry added to my small force. That brings them up to 24 infantry (8 with bows) and 8 cavalry, not a huge army by any means, but enough for small skirmish games. I was wondering about playing Lion Rampant, but rather than half strength units as some seem to suggest, go for two-thirds. This would mean units of eight infantry and four cavalry, giving me five units to put on the tabletop, about the average number for a Lion Rampant force. I wonder if anybody has tried it?


Vincent Clive said...

Love the colours on these

nobby said...

I play with half size units but was thinking of exactly what your saying. Four horsemen will look better than three.
I am thinking of using a very small dice to represent the two missing horse, or four missing foot, and removing it when the numbers are down to what the unit actually starts with.

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