Thursday, 21 May 2015

How to paint zombie flesh

When it came to painting the viking undead, I had a search around for a palette. I wanted something greenish, to contrast with the red tones of the clothing and shields. I used this image as a starting point.

The zombies were primed white and then I glazed with a grey and red, to give an undercolour of shade. The rest of the steps I have shown below. Each colour is thinned and matt medium added to add transluceny.

Step 1 : Glaze grey and chestnut

Step 2 : Glaze dead flesh 

Step 3 : Glaze camouflage green

Step 4 : Shade darker green, round eyes, mouth, lining

Step 5 : Purple line under eyes, in mouth, stippled on feet and some hands

Step 6 : Dark red for blood on gums, sores, hands

In the last picture I have also picked out the eyeballs and teeth with a very light grey (white is far too bright for eyes and teeth). Once the rags and weapons are painted I added more shading to feet and hands and splashed on some gore.  


Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

This is a really useful tutorial! Thanks for sharing, your technique is excellent

Liam Parkinson said...

Wow, that is really effective. Thanks for posting that recipe!

Old Fogey said...

Thanks guys. Quick and easy, that's my aim in all my painting.

David Brits said...

Top drawer old chap! Very useful.

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