Sunday, 19 April 2015

Men at Arms

These are the penultimate unit painted in my Lion Rampant retinue - men at arms, plastics by Perry Miniatures of course. It's quite hard to make a basically silver unit look interesting, the heraldry on the flag and surcoat were my attempt here, though as usual I feel my freehand lets me down a little. The lowlier troops in the background are far more visually appealing, but I will be unable to show them for a couple more weeks due to them being entered in the Lead Adventure Forum painting league.

In terms of gaming, I have had another couple of sessions since my first efforts. Lion Rampant continues to puzzle and impress at the same time. The mechanics are very nice and easy, combat is simple to perform and there is no "fiddling about" that seems to plague many a ruleset. The morale system is particularly well done too - as casualties build in the unit, it's more likely that the troops will lose their nerve and leg it! The frustration comes in the activation system and the scenarios. A few games have been won and lost in the first couple of turns of the game - a failed activation roll at the start of the game can be very difficult to recover from. I hope to get more games under my belt, see if a solution presents itself.

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