Monday, 13 April 2015

Fantasy Saga

For a good while I have been wondering about playing fantasy factions in Saga. There are Lord of the Rings battle boards on the web, many of them simply the historical boards with renamed abilities. The vikings' aggressive style is taken up by the forces of Isengard, the Normans' love of cavalry and archery is extended to Rohan, that kind of thing. I have yet to try it, as I am still a little bit short of painted troops, but it's at the top of my to do list.

It should also be possible to field just about any fantasy army you can think of. With a little imagination there's a battle board for all my Warhammer forces, I just have to sit down and come up with one. Men, dwarfs and elves are probably the easiest, but things like daemons and undead are perhaps a bit more difficult. But now, there's a little help on the way, from the publishers of the Saga game. On release at Salute, a new battle board and complete faction, for Saga games with a fantasy twist. Full details on the gripping beast site. The rules and battle board will be available for download after the exclusive set has sold out, so that should help with how to field psychological horrors. I am pleasantly surprised by this little snippet of news.

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Matt Crump said...

Interesting just seen somewhere that they are also planning a fantasy lion rampant version.

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