Monday, 12 May 2014

Time Marches On

A trio of recent events have reminded me that time plods slowly onward, there's no escaping the relentless dropping of the sand grains in the hour glass of life. No, it's not my birthday, that's next month. It was a strange combination of things that all happened within a few days of each other, scientific proof if ever it was needed that things really do happen in threes.

The first event was an email from CoolMini. I posted a good number of images on the site years ago, when I first started my painting service. It was a good way to publicise my work and I enjoyed the challenge of getting a good rating for my painting. I don't post there now, I find that the grades are more of a disincentive than anything. Anyway, that's a bit of waffle, the point was that it's been such a long time since I have had any comments on my work there, so naturally I followed the link to see what had happened.

Somebody had left a comment on the Daemon Prince of Nurgle. Nothing amazing about that you might think, comments are left all the time. Well here's a link to go see the actual page, see if you can spot the weird event - there's a big clue in the preamble, no prizes if you get it! Did you spot it?

Check out the comments. There's about a dozen left over a two week period, at the time I posted the picture. Then a single new comment. Here's the shocker - the image was posted in July 2006 and a comment pops up eight years later. That's longer than I have been writing this blog, and represents over a third of the time I spent in the hobby. Spooky event number one. Incidentally, if you look through my images on CoolMini you will see that the big guy scored a respectable 9 out of 10, a feat I managed only three times in the 100+ times I posted. Well done big guy.

The second weird event came courtesy of ebay. I was browsing the wargaming section, looking for bargains as I often do. Up flashed an image that I recognised from years gone by. These zombies were part of an undead army I had built and painted back in, well, I can't even remember when it was. I am pretty sure it was well over 10 years ago, probably even longer than that. It featured in a rather dubious advert for a movement tray - yes the item for sale was actually the spectacularly ordinary tray barely visible under those shuffling, rotting corpses. I guess they thought that zombies are ever popular and it would prove a good way to attract attention. Well, I certainly spotted it. The zombies are long gone, they were part of a Necrarch themed Vampire Counts army that I used in many a tournament before finally selling it to a gamer from across the ocean. I am pretty sure I stopped attending tournaments pre-2000, so that gives another clue as to how old it is.

The third and final strange event was my stumbling across my old website. It's not my first website by any means, but it is several years old, from the free webspace that was available with my old web provider. When I switched to broadband I was no longer able to access the old site and I assumed it would just disappear eventually. But no, it's still there, a good five years or so since I last updated it. If for some strange reason you want to have a look at it, here's a link. Maybe old websites never die, they just float around in the vastness of the internet, lost like a single star in the immenseness of the universe. Or maybe somebody just forgot to remove my free web space. Who knows? Cue Twilight Zone theme tune.

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