Saturday, 17 May 2014

Elves Work In Progress

The second regiment for the new elf army is now prepped and sandy based, ready for some primer. These are truly beautiful minis. I am not one of those collectors who will only collect metal figures from a certain era, rather I choose whatever is best in my eyes and affordable to my wallet. A lot of the time this means me collecting modern sculpts in plastic - my chaos and vampire armies are both very much in this category. In the case of the elf army, I just happened to notice these figures on sale on a forum and bought them on a whim, but I am really struck by how nice they are now that they are stripped, prepped and ranked up like this. While I like some of the elf plastics, I cannot deny that they may have peaked back in the late 1990's. Of course, that's just my opinion and I would be very happy to include some new plastics in the army, including the excellent Sea Guard from the Island of Blood set.

In the background you can see that I am making decent progress on the archers. You can just about make out the palette in blurred form, which gives a flavour of the scheme I am aiming for. I will continue the theme on to the Sea Guard, but with some variation. In my mind the archers are from Yvresse or Cothique, while the Sea Guard are obviously from Lothern, so regional differences in costume is only to be expected. I also have an idea for the banner and shields, just praying I can pull it off.


Blackwarden said...

I agree with your statement. They are beautiful miniatures. I too have collected a handful to paint even though I don't even play Warhammer these days. They are just well-sculpted miniatures that demand to be in a collection.

Can't wait to see how yours turns out!

Nord said...

To clarify, it's the Sea Guard I love, the archers are decent enough. The best archers in the range IMO are the metal armoured archers from this era. GW seem unable to make a nice unarmoured elf archer, certainly not as nice as the wood elves.

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