Monday, 29 July 2013


The last couple of weeks have been hot in the UK. Officially, it's been a heatwave, the papers have been full of pictures of crowded beaches, ice cream munching kiddies and cartoon suns wearing sunglasses. Yep, we really are obsessed with the weather in this country. The temperature in my neck of the woods reached 26C on a couple of occasions. Now, to those of you living in really hot places, you are probably wondering what the fuss is about. The problem is, we in the UK have houses to keep us warm and dry from the usual damp and cold weather, so air conditioning is not the norm. Double glazing and cavity insulation to keep us cosy, oh yeah, but not much to cool us down when we have a hot spell (once every seven years it seems). So, it's been hot and sticky - and that can be difficult when you want to paint.

My solution was to switch to some assembly projects, no paint required. But also to whip up a few items I had been putting off for some time. Some easy things to slap on a base coat, wash and drybrush, then maybe a little glazing. These walls and fences fit the bill. Essential items that we often overlook when painting our hundreds of figures, but something we probably should pay more attention to. Obstacles such as these can make a huge difference in game, so I am glad that I dug them out and whipped them into shape. Next on the terrain list, a chapel and graveyard, but hopefully quicker than seven years from now!


John Murrie said...

Those are gorgeous where did you source them from?

Old Fogey said...

John, they are the walls and fences from GW. I snipped off a few fantasy bits so I can use them in historical gaming too, possibly why you didn't recognise them.

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