Friday, 26 July 2013

Grave Guard

The grave guard unit is finally ready for gaming. The main inspiration came from the Skyrim game; the skeletal denizens of many a dungeon known as draugr, as I mentioned in a previous post here. The models are the plastic army of the dead from the Lord of the Rings game. I am really pleased with the way they have turned out.

The mdf bases are 60mm x 40mm, from warbases. I have multi-based them like this because they are easier to store and with one eye on future gaming such as Hail Caesar or Impetus. If I play Warhammer I will use a marker or dice to count wounds.

The figures are surprisingly big, I know I was surprised when I opened the box - fitting them on the bases was a challenge. When I attached them to the bases I also made them more upright, which adds a little more to the height. It's worked out perfectly, as the skeleton figures will be smaller and thus the size differential will help to make battlefield recognition easier. The fact that these figures are heavily armoured and robed also helps them to stand out from the common skeleton warrior. The banner I copied from the Skyrim game, painted on to a piece of foil from a wine bottle. This can be bent into a billowing banner, as hopefully you can see in the picture.

Now that I have another regiment painted for the army, I can treat myself to a character model. Next up is a varghulf, not strictly a character as such but a welcome treat after the regiment. Here's a work in progress shot of the base, it's been sat like this on my bench for several months. It's good to be painting figures for a fantasy army again, I miss the creativity and personal vision that seems lacking from historical subjects.


Davey said...

Lovely work. I must get some of those LoTR models myself, they fit really well.

Stygianheart said...

Those grave guard look absolutely fantastic, great job!

I've been toying with the idea of building a small wood elf force for Warhammer using the Lord of The Rings line for quite some time.

Laughing Ferret said...

They turned out great!

I'm also surprised how big they seem to be, considering LotR is a smaller scale than Warhammer. That's been one of my visual problems with Warhammer: with scale creep but the base sizes firmly established, ranked minis really tend to crowd upon each other. The element bases you have hear gives them a bit more room & flexibility though.

And yes, while I love history, there's nothing quite like the freedom of non-historical genres.

Beithir said...

Those look great, and certainly very Draugr-like! Nice work :D

Mr Saturday said...

A truly gorgeous unit, wonderful work. The army of the dead models really are a great range.

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