Friday, 12 July 2013

Draugr WIP

The draugr unit is on the march. As you probably guessed from my previous hint, the upcoming grave guard unit have been built from the plastic Lord of the Rings army of the dead figures. Excellent figures they are too, with lovely detail on the armour and robes, as you can see here.

Faced with a lot of figures to paint, I wanted to blitz through the robes in double quick time. Painting a base coat, then washing, then highlighting was out of the question. I tried something a little different on this unit. First, I primed white, then washed with a black and brown mix to give elementary shading. Then I glazed over this with a light brown to give some colour. My original idea was to repeat the glazing several times to build up the colour, moving more to the folds to increase the shading in these areas. But I realised this would take a long time and require a lot of care, something I try to avoid when painting large regiments. So instead, I took a chance and took radical action. I mixed up some MIG pigment in matte varnish, thinned it with water and whacked it on quickly with an old brush. When it was semi dry I ran a damp brush over the edges to remove the pigment and leave a roughly highlighted crease. The result is decent enough for a regiment, now I just have to get the armour and the details painted.

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Minitrol said...

That's damned cunning sounds like a great idea for goblins!

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