Saturday, 6 April 2013

Second game with Daemons

Last night I played my second game with the Daemons of Chaos, this time a 2k pointer against the Empire. In the first game I was very conscious of lacking hitting power, so this time I added some muscle in the form of a Soul Grinder and a Daemon prince of Slaanesh. The rest of my army was pretty much my existing collection of two small units of horrors, flamers, Tzeentch herald on disc, screamers, a pair of Nurgle beasts, nurglings and a Slaanesh herald leading a unit of daemonettes. I also included the unit I am currently working on, Seekers of Slaanesh. I don't really consider this setup to be balanced in any way, but I just wanted to give it a try.

The Empire forces had two cannons perched on a hill in the centre of his lines, so I knew I would have to suck up some punishment in the early part of the game. I didn't want to give away any big prizes, so my Soul Grinder headed into the nearest wood and my Prince loitered behind a building, while my screamers and seekers raced down the flanks, hoping to swoop around the rear and into the cannon battery. As it turned out, I worried too much. Neither cannon was able to inflict much damage, I think a couple of daemonettes was the paltry tally, before the screamers ripped the crews to shreds. The Nurglings did well, tying up and finally overcoming a unit of outriders, who have proved a thorn in my side many times in previous games. The herald and daemonettes made short work of a unit of greatswords, while a pair of Nurgle beasts held up a large unit (40) of spearmen. It was touch and go as one failed to make the initial charge and the lone beast had to struggle on for two turns of combat, teetering on the brink with just one wound remaining, until his buddy joined him. Another solid performance from the nurglings, screamers and beasts.

The horrors and flamers did less, as I usually find with shooting and magic. Warpflame accounted for more casualties than actual spell damage and, even better, in this game just one enemy unit gained regeneration. Two small missile units fell to the magical onslaught and, in a very lucky break for me, panicked a wizard lord from the field of battle. But that was one of those extremely unlucky rolls by my opponent. In a shock result, a unit of horrors managed to survive more than one turn of combat against a charge from demigryphs, before finally succumbing. By this time, the Empire troops had been just about fully destroyed and the game was declared over.

The debut troops did less well. The Soul Grinder was caught by flagellents and held up for a couple of turns, effectively keeping him out of the game. The Prince failed his only declared charge and so did not get to enjoy the orgy of destruction meted out to the spearmen. And the seekers whipped up the flank at great speed but were beaten to their target by the faster screamers. Still, at least none of the new troops were destroyed, as often happens.

My first victory with the Daemons. More importantly, I am enjoying playing them and have finally shaken off my painting apathy. The restoration of the daemon army is now officially started!

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