Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Dark Prince Rising

Yes, I am still painting! It's been a long two months in coming, but here's the first of the models in my newly resurrected Daemons army. It feels good to have a new project underway, especially one that allows me to get to 2000 points in a short period of time. I have taken some time deciding on how to progress with the daemons, based on the materials I have to hand and a couple of test games. I am building the army according to my usual principles of including models I like, rather than optimal performers.

I have to confess that most of my troops are actually Tzeentch, but I had the old Azazel model and wanted to use it, so I will just have to manage. There were a few bits missing, notably the head and wings, so it became a wingless Prince with the head of a fiend. It's coming along nicely, I am enjoying playing with glazes, both for the shading and highlights.

As the general worships Slaanesh and because I already have the models, I have also made a start on some Seekers of Slaanesh. I'm not sure I really need fast cavalry as I already have 5 screamers fulfilling that role, but I do like the models and again wanted to experiment a little with glazing. One thing I have discovered is that the plastics take the paint much better than the metal. You would think that the primer would make them equal, but no. Perhaps it's the sculpting, the older metal models can seem quite clumsy when compared with the fine detail of the plastics.

I have a very leisurely deadline for these models, the end of the month for the Prince and the end of May for the Seekers. This is to coincide with the painting challenge over on the Warhammer forum. I will also be adding more Slaanesh units to the army, with embryonic plans to build a chariot and some fiends. The only problem then would be that would take the army to 2400 points, so I would need more core troops, with some plaguebearers being favourites to expand the army. For the short term though, it's the Dark Prince who will be feeling the stroke of my brush!

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