Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New plastic dwarfs from AOW

Avatars of War have announced a new dwarf regiment, this time in plastic, not the plastic-resin mix. Twenty of these to a box, which can be made up with great axes and/or crossbows. There's no mention of price as yet, but I guess they will be similar to the plastic berserkers. So that's dwarfs pencilled in for autumn for me.

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Duarte said...

AoW's dwarf line has proven a constant temptation. If I wasn't on a tight budget and the Thunder Warriors were already out for the general public, I'd hurting just to resist getting a box. The same will go for these Pathfinders, I expect.

It's about time the dwarves got a more stubborn warrior look and parted from the WH garden gnome thing they got going on.

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