Sunday, 3 March 2013

Seeking Ideas

Apparently, it's now spring. Lighter nights and warmer weather are here. It seems like the perfect time to start on something new.

I have quite a few projects on the go at the moment - Sedition Wars is ticking along nicely, I have recently enjoyed painting a couple of characters for my Chaos Warriors army, and I have some vague ideas about a viking Saga warband. But all these things seem like side projects, fillers to keep me going until the next big thing comes along. I guess I am most happy when I have dozens of models to build and paint for an army. That means Warhammer of course!

I have a number of Warhammer armies in various states of completeness, including over 4000 points of Chaos Warriors, 2000 points of Wood Elves, about the same in Orcs and Goblins, around 2500 points of Dwarfs and a fledgling Vampire Counts army. But none of these appeal to me at this particular time. I want to revisit an army I started back in 2010, when I made a start on a small Chaos Daemons force. I have some models from back then that I could work on, so I wouldn't even have to buy any new toys. I just need the new book. While I wait for that to arrive, I have a few ideas on how to develop the army. More on that soon.

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