Thursday, 28 March 2013

Alternative Slaanesh Herald

I am still dithering about which direction to take, if any, with the Daemons of Chaos. I have my first game with them coming up this weekend, which should give me a gut reaction to whether I like them enough to commit precious hobby time to them. If I do pick up this project, I will be adding on to my existing collection of mostly Slaanesh and Tzeentch models.

Reading the army book, it seems that daemonic heralds are quite expensive in points for what they add, but when I see a concept like this one, all thoughts of points efficiency disappear in a haze of painting lust. As you can see, this model is from the current Warzone kickstarter, but surely Warhammer players will immediately recognise the potential here for an alternative Herald of Slaanesh. In fact, this is a reboot of a pretty old metal model that I painted for this purpose a few years ago (picture is here).

In a similar vein is this model from Avatars of War. I should be getting hold of one of these in the near future, so it seems I might have two heralds, or maybe one of these could become a unit champion. Luckily I have a unit of daemonettes already painted and ready to game with, with another unit still in the box waiting for attention. So there is plenty of scope for using either or both of these lovely models at some point. Even if I decide against a daemon project, the Domina model would also make a splendid character model in a Chaos Warriors army, a sorceror perhaps. There's even the obligatory skull, so it would slot right into a Warhammer army!

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Erik Gustavsson said...

Really liking the AOW one over the other. But I'm sure your paintjob would make it look excellent. Nice too see your thoughts and how you go about looking for minis!

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