Thursday 7 March 2013

Daemonic Plans

I am still waiting for the Chaos Daemons book to arrive. The little snippets I have read on various forums have got me intrigued, the randomness that many despise is something that really appeals to me. I am still unsure about the aesthetic of  a lot of the models, but there's enough I do like for me to start my planning. Currently I have the following in a painted state:-

  • daemonettes and herald - pic here and here
  • horrors - pics here
  • nurglings - pics here
  • plaguebearers - pic here, painted for 40k but could be rebased
  • screamers 
  • flamers
  • furies of Slaanesh
  • furies of Nurgle

In a part-painted or unpainted state I also have:-

  • seekers
  • beasts of Nurgle (old metal models)
  • more daemonettes
  • bloodletters (metal versions with axes)
  • more flamers
  • Azazel daemon prince, minus wings
  • fiends

That's enough for at least 2000 points I reckon, probably more like 3000 if I add in a greater daemon. So plenty of material to play with. The second list is in sequence, the models I like at the top, with the two items at the bottom possibly destined for ebay.


Duarte said...

For some reason I was never that much into the more chaotic factions. I loved the orcs for a long time, but they're more cartoony than most thanks to them being green, I suppose, and perhaps their comic relief status to some extent.

Still I always love to see whatever it is you are painting.

Nord said...

I have reservations about quite a lot of the range of daemon models, but some I like. I am also busy looking round for alternatives, perhaps I will persuade you to join us!

Minitrol said...

See I can't find any info in the Warhammer Daemons book. Everyone has reviewed the 40k one to death but the Daemon one there seems to be naught clear info. Can't even read the store copy now that they are shrink wrapping the bloody books!

Nord said...

I didn't know they shrink-wrapped, presumably to prevent you doing what you wanted to i.e. have a little nosey at what's changed. I don't go into GW shops these days, I'm frightened I might get brain-washed like all the grinning youths in there. You go in, thinking you are a mature adult with reasoned thought processing and the ability to resist their subtle sales techniques, but half an hour later you are running round the store buying "cool" and "awesome" models, while your credit card is imploding quicker than you can shout Waaaargh. It's easier to resist buying online, less odorous too.

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