Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wood Elves army

I spent a spare afternoon over the weekend taking photos of my Wood Elves. I have decided to play them for a little while, just to get a complete break from the grindfest infantry armies like my chaos warriors and dwarfs. The elves were painted a couple of years ago, I recently spruced up the dryads a little and rebased the entire army. Let's start with a group shot of the Asrai.

And some close ups of the elves. These glade guard are all painted fairly speedily, mostly a base colour and a wash, but they are good enough for battle.


Likewise the wardancers have some parts that do not stand up to close scrutiny, but the skin and tattoos are the major feature and that's where most of my effort went.

Finally there's a spellweaver and some scouts. I need to find a decent model to act as my army standard bearer, and I would like maybe one other character, but I need to play a few games first to decide on what I need in this department. 

The other main component of the army is the forest spirits, so far two units of drayds, two units of treekin and a treeman. 

The dryads are pale, inspired by the white birch trees in my garden. Quick and easy to paint, I recently tidied them up a little and added the bright green swirls and eyes.

The treekin are converted from old metal dryads and new plastic bits, plus a few bits from Lord of the Rings ents. 


Last but not least, the treeman, converted in a similar way to the treekin, from an old metal treeman mixed with newer plastic bits. 


Kuffeh said...

That is really nice. I like the use of the elf legs on the wood elf bodies, it adds a little bit more to them and makes them look a little less like tree hugging barbarians (even though they are).

The scheme is simple but effective. I like them.

Turska said...

What a lovely army, the spring feel is strong here and you can sense the earth whispering things about rebirth. And marginal creepyness.

(Spring is my favourite season for sure!)

Watching these pics and listening to this gave me healthy chills.

Minitrol said...

These are great mate! Love the tattos and the colours you have chosen. I am constantly amazed at your ability to churn out good looking models. Do you paint for a particular amount each day (I know you have a commission site but is that your full time job?)

Thanks for sharing.

Nord said...

Cheers for the comments guys.

The HE parts allow me to use them as high elves too, 2 for the price of 1, win!

The creepiest stuff is still to come, stay tuned.

I paint 3 or 4 hours most days and have developed a technique that is quick but effective, which helps with the volume of stuff I do. But I still get a kick out of virtually every model I paint. Nice!

Dennis said...

Inspiring! I really love the combination of HE and WE models for the glade guards. Thanks for showing them :)

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