Saturday, 24 March 2012

Ruins and windmill

Imagine you are a postman delivering mail to a small hamlet in the Warhammer world. You are unfamiliar with this particular village and have a parcel to deliver but don't know which building it is. It's obviously not one of the little hovels with an address like The Tower on the Hill, but luckily you spot a local yokel, hard at work polishing a pile of skulls. You stride over and ask him "Excuse me sir, can you tell me where I might find the Tower on the Hill?" "It's over there," he beckons, "through those blood soaked trees". You glance across and can just make it out in the distance. But you realise that there are not one, nor two, but three towers perched on the hill. They all look quite similar, so you ask for a further clue. "It's the one with the skulls on it," the peasant laughs and walks off, presumably to die a horrible death in the not too distant future.

If you are happy with the proliferation of skull bedecked towers in the Warhammer world, then stop reading now. For those who would like a slightly less fantastical board to battle over, read on! I spotted a couple of pieces and it got me thinking that they would make a very nice hamlet.

The windmill is by and if you click on the link you will see that it comes as a flat packed kit at a very reasonable price. You have to put in a bit of effort by making your own roof tiles, but it certainly looks an absolute bargain from the picture. More angles and enlargements would not go amiss, but well worth a browse of the website, as they also make some rather nifty movement trays too.

The second find for this post is a more familiar plastic kit in a similar vein to the GW range, but covering something I think has been missing for far too long. A set of ruined buildings, ideal for those run-down areas of the Empire or Bretonnia, not forgetting the classic Mordheim. It's based around ruined Normandy farmhouses, so could equally be used in WWII gaming, or Napoleonics, or even medieval wargames. It's produced by Warlord Games and is well worth a look.

Imagine a small village built of these ruins, maybe include a GW chapel and graveyard with some bits from the Garden of Morr set, with the windmill as a centrepiece. It's a mouth watering prospect and would make a brilliant centrepiece to an Undead or Empire army, or to any fantasy/medieval wargaming table. Well, we can all dream right?

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