Saturday, 10 March 2012

Chaos Lord painted

I finished painting the chaos lord, the Banelegions Kraan model. It's sheer coincidence that mine looks superficially similar to the official scheme, after all the black armoured host of my chaos army was started over a year ago. And an ice bear is almost certainly going to be an off-white colour.

The bear is definitely the best part of the paint work. It was quite easy to do too, just a few glazes and picking out the facial details and claws. Painting the armour plates was more time consuming, in hindsight it would have been better to partly paint these items before assembly.

The black armour I tried to enliven by making it similar to daedric armour from the mighty Skyrim game! It worked a bit I think, but not as well as I had hoped. I think I rushed it toward the end, I seldom have the patience on bigger models, there's always something waiting in the wings that seems more enticing.

At some stage I will get pictures of the rest of the black armoured troops on the blog. The marauders and sorceror I painted recently, plus the chaos warriors from about a year ago, and some hounds. I would like to add marauder horsemen to the contingent, they have been assembled but unpainted for so long, but my attention is now on elves. Sigh, I have a feeling it will be next winter before I get back to this army.


Davey said...

Good to see one of these painted up - nice job.

Minitrol said...

I am not sure about this piece it in keeping with your minimalist styling of late but I dunno it lacks something, maybe a few more cooler tones somewhere?

It s a nice figure though not withstanding my comment.

benvoliothefirst said...

I love the black metal of the rider's armor. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Your work is really inspirational, and deserves a big "GOOD JOB!"

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