Friday, 28 October 2011


The first necromancer for my new Undead army. If you are wondering what the model is, it's a witch by Enigma miniatures. I have long been impressed by their sculpts and wanted to see how they looked in real life. They are metal models, finely detailed and easy to assemble. The 20mm base is a plastic mantic base, I prefer the non-sloping sides, it gives marginally more room which is useful when the models are slightly larger than 20mm wide as in this case.

Next on my list is more zombies and another necromancer. If I could get those done by the end of next month I will be on target.

My enthusiasm for painting the models remains, but I must admit that I am a little worried about what GW will do with the new army book, rumoured for a  new year release. I don't particularly like the direction they have taken with the last two books. The introduction of snake-surfing skeletons and large Flintstones-esque models is not appealing to me, so I am half dreading what they will come up with for the Vampire Counts. The new terrorgheist model missed the marked in my mind, a little too comical and unfeasibly large too, so I don't have high hopes. Still, low expectations are easy to meet, so maybe I will pleasantly surprised.

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Laughing Ferret said...

Nice looking mini! In that it's not nice looking at all.. this is the nightmare 'other grandma' you don't want to hug, who smells of menthol cigarettes and socks.

I'm also a big fan of non-sloping sided bases. Especially for 20mm- you get 10% more room with perpendicular sides. I did that with my Bayou Elves- which the new edition derailed that project- waiting to see if the new book will make it workable or kill it further.

I'm curious about the upcoming VC book too- been long since I played WHFB but a vampire army could tempt me if skeletons become a viable base for an army, which right now they really aren't. I sympathize with the 'uncertainty of the new book' dilemma. Hope it won't derail your project, I'm quite enjoying it!

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