Friday, 14 October 2011


I am almost done on the first unit of zombies. The bases need some extra work, I think the addition of some rotting grass and some moss might be in order. I am not happy with the gravestones, they will have to be re-worked in some way.

On the meat of the unit, the zombies, I am pretty satisfied with their appearance. There's a few rough edges, but these are only really visible up close and to those with a critical eye. The mix of different parts works well, as long as you don't mind this more dynamic look. The old shuffling, comical GW zombies from yesteryear are a different breed to this species.

And here they are in horde formation. It's pretty unlikely they will appear in a game like this, but it looks nice!


Mr Saturday said...

Great looking unit, they really do look much more dynamic than the old GW clown-hands zombies.

I personally like the gravestones.

Brian Carlson said...

These are how zombies are supposed to look!!! very inspirational, nicely done.

Minitrol said...

They look great really... visceral!

Are they on multibases? Have you considered trying the Kings of War rules?

I think you could go a touch lighter on the bases the grass will help to just add some lift to the models.

David Maughan said...

Great looking unit. Have picked up some of those from mantic as a start to my kings of war undead army. I plan to do them in fixed bases as i do not need to worry about cas removal.

PsychosisPC said...

Absolutely stunning. Very well done.

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