Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Regrets of an old gamer

Here's a scan of one of the photos I found in the loft. It shows the majority of my old Chaos Dwarf army - I think there were some hobgoblin archers too. This was a 2000 point army about a decade ago, it seems tiny in comparison to armies of 8th edition. It's photographed on my brother's "gaming board" - a green cloth on the dining table, a couple of basic polystyrene flocked hills and a little wood hut he bought from a garden centre. It's almost laughable when you look at the battlefields of today, but this was the norm back then, even the battle reports in White Dwarf were fought on tables like this. And as basic as it is, we had some good times fighting over this hut!

Sadly, I no longer have this army. Over the years I have collected and painted numerous forces like this, including High Elves, several Chaos armies, at least two Undead - most of them I subsequently sold when I relocated and found it difficult to get to a gaming area. I don't mind that, I have since re-collected several armies and have more than enough to keep me painting for years to come! But this is the one army I wish I had held on to.

1 comment:

redmanphill said...

Very nice... Its a pity you sold it but I know the feeling!

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