Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Dwarf Berserkers plastic regiment

So there I am, just coming to the end of the first month of my 3 month commitment to greenskins, when up pops this news. Avatars of War, well known for their lovely metal character models, have taken their first steps into the plastic regiment market. Full details can be found here.

From the picture and previously released videos they certainly look impressive. I am pretty sure I could find a space for them in my dwarf army, which has not received much attention of late. Recently, I have been pondering what to work on after the greenskins, and maybe this is a sign from the, er, miniature geek gods. It would be quite fitting to get my orcs and goblins up to 2500 points painted, then do the same for my dwarfs.

I really hope that the sales for these models go through the roof and a company producing high quality plastics at reasonable prices gets established. I will be doing my bit and ordering a box. It will probably take some time for the plastics range to get up and running, but who knows, maybe a future post will be me talking about plastic goblins, chaos marauders or even chaos dwarfs. It's a tantalising prospect. However, that's just wishful thinking at the moment. Back in the real world, my next post will be back on track with the greenskins - here's a clue, it's big and scary and it's got eight legs.


John said...

Those are some very cool looking Dwarfs. Wondering how they would scale up next to standard GW stuff, from memory arent the AoW figures slightly larger in scale?

Hobby Horse said...

I don't know about that, I have pre-ordered a box so will find out at the end of May. I would think any difference would be marginal. I wanted to show my support to the idea as much as anything.

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