Monday, 28 March 2011

Cooking up a sneaky plan

This little fella is a night goblin shaman built from a few plastic bits. The body and left arm and half the right arm come from the night goblin box set. The shaman head, the bubbling cauldron and the snotling assistant are from the fanatics sprue. The top of the staff is cut from a marker from the Battle for Skull Pass set. And the right hand holding up the shrunken head is from, well, if you can identify that bit you have a big clue as to my next big project. But let's not get distracted by that.

In tandem with another night goblin shaman I am hoping that the pair of them will give me a pretty potent magic phase for a small cost. Two level 2 shamen gives me four Little Waargh spells, two chances to channel an extra power dice, a lore attribute that gives me the chance to sneakily steal opponent's magic dice, and mushrooms to really give me the edge in casting (except when I roll a 1 of course). For those that are unaware, the shaman has to eat a mushroom each time he casts a spell, adding it to his casting roll. This is a free dice not taken from the power pool. If a 1 is rolled, the mushroom is poisonous and might wound the shaman. It's a brilliant little game mechanism that really captures the inherently powerful but risky aspect of the night goblin shaman.

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