Sunday 23 January 2011

Favoured of the Gods I : Clash of Champions

The Favoured of the Gods is a series of linked scenarios, pitching rival chaos champions into bloody combat. Each champion is striving to impress the chaos gods on the battlefield, hoping to earn favour in their eyes. If the champions fight well they will be rewarded, but failure in battle may result in punishment from the gods. 

The first scenario is a battle of around 1500 points fought on a heavily wooded 4 x 4 table, which represents a chaos forest. There should be a minimum of 8 woods, with paths (gaps) of about 6 inches between them, to allow some movement of troops. The two armies are each led by an exalted hero armed only with a hand weapon and shield, no magic items are allowed in this game, they have to be earned in battle! Additionally, troops should be marauders, warhounds and chaos warriors only, the champions do not yet have the renown to attract ogres, trolls or the like.

Searching for items. If  an exalted hero enters a wood, and if there are no enemies in the wood, he can search. Toss a coin, tails means nothing is found. Heads means there is some adventure to be resolved. Roll a d6 to determine the guardian of the forest:-
  1.  troll
  2.  minotaur
  3.  chaos ogre champion
  4.  chaos ogre
  5.  chaos forsaken
  6.  the gods are kind, there is no guardian

Now the champion must fight the creature, as a challenge. The fight is concluded immediately, so if several turns of combat are required they are resolved consecutively, until one of the combatants is dead or has fled. If the champion is victorious, he can claim his prize as he loots the lair of the beast. Roll a d6 again:-
  1.  the gods are cruel, no magic items are found
  2.  Whip of Subversion
  3.  Glaive of Putrefaction
  4.  Helm of Many Eyes
  5.  Collar of Khorne
  6.  the champion is truly blessed and may choose 1 of the above items, plus he makes a roll on the Eye of the Gods table

The exalted hero can search as many forests as he is able to in the game, subject to his army surviving the battle. However, he may only claim 50 points  of items maximum, once this total is reached he must join the battle at the nearest available combat. Also, each forest can only be searched once per game.

Other special rules. The exalted hero must challenge any unit champion he encounters in combat and gains an Eye of the Gods roll if he wins.

End of Game. The game ends after 8 turns, or sooner  if the champion and/or his army is destroyed. Victory is determined in the usual way, with an additional 100 victory points added for each magic item claimed. Each champion should also add 10 victory points for each unsaved wound they cause in the game. Once the  victory points are added up, the champion's fate is decided. 

If the scores are within 100 victory points, the game is a draw and both champions retire intact but with no special reward. Any items found/rewards gained are carried over to the next game.

If the difference in scores is more than 500 victory points, the loser is turned to spawn. The victor makes one roll on the Eye of the Gods table and he may choose to adjust his Eye roll by + or - 1.

If the score difference is between 100 and 500 victory points, both champions retain their magic items for the next game. Any Eye of the Gods rewards gained by the loser are removed on a roll of 1 or 2.

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