Saturday 8 January 2011

Aspiring Champion

A new champion emerges from the chaos wastes. No, not those chaos wastes of frozen tundra, plains of skulls and shattered mountains, but the chaotic shambles that is my pile of unpainted miniatures. Filled with resolutionary zeal (a common affliction in early January), I am keen to expand my chaos armies. This is the first of my efforts. And also my second.......but more on that in a future post. For the time being, this character will lead a small force into battle against a rival chaos aspiring champion.

The two champions will be battling through an enchanted forest, hoping to earn gifts from the gods by their prowess in battle. There will also be the opportunity to find magic armour, weapons and the like during the game. It's all part of a Clash of Champions, a linked series of scenarios currently at the planning stage. I wanted to use a model that represents an exalted hero, with some flexibility on options. At the moment, he has a sword in hand, another at his waist and a shield. This will be adaptable for future scenarios.

His army will be a personal retinue of the more common chaos denizens - marauders, hounds, warriors and maybe knights. He will begin the first game with no magic items or gifts. These will be earned/found during his battles. If he does well in battle, he may become an army standard bearer or chaos lord, or perhaps even better. If he fights badly, suffering defeat or fleeing from the fray, he may well be turned into a spawn.

It's amazing how all this geeky planning has got me fired up about my chaos army again. This character and his personal retinue of warriors are the first on my list. It's been a while since I painted chaos, but their time has come again.

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Black Bard said...

hehe I love this sort of thing!! I have done this through campaigns and the short lived GW chaos warband games they had a long while ago! Let us know how your champion does, but i am especially interested in the rules you cook up for your campaign. Please post those if you have the chance!


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