Monday 31 January 2011

Chaos Ogres

I spent much of the weekend putting the finishes touches to a unit of chaos ogres. These are old metal models, from the early 1990's. I added a couple of plastic components to emphasise the fact they are equipped with additional weapons. I also tried to suggest a Khorne allegiance, with splashes of red armour (and blood of course).

And so on to the dreaded first game (newly painted troops always seem to suffer undue attention from the enemy). Lining up against an Empire gunline I had grave concerns for them. Sure enough, one fell to the ground full of lead and cannon balls. As they are frenzied, they have to charge enemy on sight, so it was with some relief that they crashed into a unit of handgunners after a very long sprint across the board (I rolled a 10 for the charge). One of them finally succumbed to his wounds, but the remaining duo made short work of the musketeers. They then turned their attention to a huge unit of spearmen, the prospect of eating 50 speamen was too tempting to worry about odds! The ogre champion picked on the Empire general, gutted him with a swift stroke of his fist spike and tossed his bloodied remains into the snow. Several spearmen joined their leader in a gory pile at the ogres' feet, but eventually the massed ranks proved too much and they were driven off. In the end, killing a unit of handgunners and a few spearmen plus the general was a decent performance under heavy fire, a feat excelled by just one other on the chaos side, but that's a story for another day.

Edit. Just been browsing the Ogre Stronghold and I realise that I forgot to stomp at the end of each combat, so the ogres could have been even better. Next time......

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