Friday, 5 June 2009

Taking Stock

Mmm. I seem to have a LOT of projects on the go at the moment. I need to write them down in a list and assess progress and prospects. Here goes:-

  • Dwarfs - a good 1500 points painted, not much more effort required to take it to 2,000 points.
  • Orcs and goblins - a fair number painted (around 1000 points), with at least the same amount unpainted.
  • High Elves - one of my oldest armies, several units painted over ten years ago. A new Avelorn/Chrace army just started.
  • Wood Elves - A joint project with the Avelorn troops - no progress otherwise.
  • Empire - a couple of detachments speed painted, otherwise all still grey plastic.
  • Chaos - another of my older armies, I have a Tzeentch army in an almost complete state (though a couple of units are daemon, the rest are warriors). A large contingent of unpainted plastics and metals (earmarked as Khorne).
  • Ogre Kingdoms - mostly grey plastic, some half-painted units.
That's just the fantasy armies. I also have:-

  • Orks - a couple of squads fully painted, plus lots of troops and a handful of vehicles in unpainted state. This is my main 40k army.
  • Marines - just the bits from Black Reach and most of the bits from Macragge, plus a few metal models, all unassembled. I do think that this would be an ideal candidate for the new airbrush and would like to develop my own chapter.
  • Chaos Marines - a few squads of Iron Warriors from an old painting job, plus a fair few bits of Death Guard/marines I was tinkering with.
  • Minas Tirith sprues - a dozen painted troops, two dozen unpainted and sundry metal characters and hobbits. Oh, and a painted ent.
Sheesh, that's a lot of unpainted models. I play once a week on average, so if I alternated between each of these, I would get to use an army about 5 times a year. I really need to thin them down somewhat. But where should the axe swing? I do tend to come back to armies, even after a several year break, just as I recently developed an urge to get back into the elf gaming. Variety is good for me, I'm not really a one army kind of guy, I like to ring the changes. But this lot is probably too much choice. Either that, or make a commitment to painting all this stuff before I buy anything new. Which is about as likely as Gordon Brown winning the next election!

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