Sunday, 17 May 2009

Elf archers

The first unit of my new HE-WE army (that's High Elf Wood Elf for those confused by the abbreviation). This unit is mainly HE legs and torsos with WE arms and heads. It gives a fairly nice generic feel that could be related to either army.

More units to be completed include another archer regiment, possibly in this same style, a regiment of shadow warriors that will double as scouts - these will have hooded heads and cloaks to differentiate them from standard archers. I also intend to make a unit of spearmen, which will double as eternal guard. I am still pondering how best to tackle mounted troops, but it should be relatively easy to put together a unit of glade riders that can double as reavers. I do have about a dozen or so metal Silver Helms from about ten years back, so maybe they could be used at some point, though I was thinking they might fit better into another army.

I am itching to get some paint on these figures, because I want to try out some techniques. But first I have to buy a compressor to power an airbrush. I have wanted to try one for a while so decided this would be as good a time as any to start. My warhammer hobby drought has definitely ended.

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