Sunday 21 June 2009

Marauders work in progress

Work on the marauders is going well. I am painting over a white undercoat to minimise the time spent on them. A thin coat of a colour over a white base can give the hint of a highlight and shade. A further glaze or wash can add to the shading. For example, the flesh has a base coat and two glazes and looks reasonable. Still to do are the base colours for the remaining leather areas and the metals and weapon handles. Once these are done I will glaze with a grey, hopefully getting a good enough finish to call them virtually done. I may embellish with some front rank highlighting, even tattoos on the skin, depending on how long has been spent. So far, so good.

One interesting thing to note is the difference between the metal and plastic models. All of the unit is being painted en masse, so each model gets exactly the same treatment - the same paint mix and consistency. Yet the glaze seems to adhere better to the plastic models. Look closely at the skin areas of the models to see the difference between how the glaze takes to the metal and plastic models.

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