Saturday, 16 May 2009

More thoughts on the elves

I have been thinking more and more about the multi elf army. In fact, I have started to stick together some prototypes, made from high elf and wood elf parts. And very nice they look too. I am hoping to get a test model painted soon.

I also tried them out in a small battle last night. The defenders of Avelorn (with a small Chrace contingent) attempted to defend their woodland realm against a marauding beastmen army. Despite losing the game in the sixth turn, I really enjoyed playing. It was a completely different propostition from the heavily armoured, tough dwarfs, or the heavily armoured, brutal chaos warriors. It calls for a completely different outlook on tactics. And that is what I was looking for, a change to the usual game of stand back, take it on the chin, then dish it out/grind them down. With the elf army, I felt as though I had to be more mentally agile, more tactical. It was a very promising start and I am keener than ever to get stuck into the army.

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