Tuesday, 29 September 2020

Three dwarf gunners

And here's what they look like when you paint the rest of them (following on from my previous post on how to paint flesh). Just three to start with, I do tend to fuss and faff around and add too much detail, so they end up taking far longer than I had intended. 

The figure in the middle is the star from the tutorial. He's probably my favourite from the unit, though the pipe smoker on the right has a lot of character. 

I need two more to make a complete unit for Erewhon, which is probably my favourite game at the moment. If I played Saga I would need eight figures, and if I played Rampant I would need 12 (or 6 if they counted as 2 wounds each). I have nine in total, and a couple of duplicates. I will plod on to five, then eight, then see how it goes. My enthusiasm and patience has, much like my hairline, grown thin recently.


Matt Crump said...

Very nice and characterful little group.......6 minimum I think 👍

slovak said...

Great job on these.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work !

astrochelonian said...

I love these minis, and I love the earthy tones with which you painted them.

Gimnir said...

Beautiful work man!!! I declare myself a fan of your work, keep them coming!!!

Nord's Painting Saga said...

Thanks guys, more to come

Anonymous said...

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