Sunday, 26 February 2017

Happy Birthday Joe

Judge Dredd is 40! More specifically, it's the fortieth anniversary of comic 2000ad - the first issue was February 26th, 1977. Technically, Judge Dredd only appeared in the second issue, but I'm not gonna argue with him if he wants a cake, or cigar, or whatever Mega City Judges celebrate with.

It was a bit before my time and probably beyond my meagre weekly pocket money. I discovered 2000 ad when I was in my twenties I think. I bought it pretty much every week for a few years - only recently I cleared a couple of boxes of brown-aged, crinkled issues from the attic. I have no idea what issues they were, I guess I was a half fan. I only really bought it for the stories about Slaine, a time travelling, body warping, axe swinging hero based (loosely) in pre- dark ages Ireland and Britain. I did enjoy the Dredd stories, and a few others such as Strontium Dogs, ABC Warriors and Durham Red. Warhammer 40K fans should note that Rogue Trooper began life as a comic strip in 2000ad. The event has not achieved the same publicity as Star Wars or any other large franchise, but it did make the BBCwebsite. I guess the best thing about reaching a ripe old age as a cartoon is that you probably look better now than back in the day.


Phil Curran said...

I remember it as if it was only yesterday.

MichaƂ Kucharski said...

I have a some comic books!

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