Wednesday, 22 February 2017

A New Direction

Things have been fairly quiet here on the blog for the past few months. One reason for this is that I have a lot of commission work ongoing - by the time the weekend arrives I have very little energy for my own projects. I have also fallen into a bit of a rut, painting the same old subjects in the same old style. I cannot (and would not want to) reduce my commission work, but I can make changes to my personal projects. I want to try something new, move out of my comfort zone. Hopefully, this will give me a burst of energy and inspiration. Time to find out if a change really is as good as a rest.

Today the postman delivered the materials I need for this new project - a range of AK Interactive products. I have had an airbrush for some years but never really used it for anything more than basecoating. I am not a fan of painting that looks like it has been airbrushed, if that makes sense. I want to experiment to see if I can reproduce the more realistic finishes that are seen in the historical/vehicle world. But I will not be painting historical subject matter. This picture shows the kind of thing I am aiming for. A whole new world awaits.


Matt Crump said...

Now that is different very Tau looking ?

Old Fogey said...

Correct! Ten points. But can you guess which game system I have in mind?

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